Dr. Prem Nath Jain the founder of B Jain Group of Companies, a well-known philanthropist, who built his career in the field of homeopathy started the B. Jain Sarbati Devi Charitable Trust by using his skills and expertise to give back to the society. The trust aims to uplift the standards of homeopathy.

His passion for homeopathic medicine pushed him to grow the system beyond books and worked on various levels including seminars and workshops to improve the standards. He opened a charitable hospital with an aim to cure patients with homeopathic medicine. He ran the hospital till his last days. The medicines and consultations and the complete treatment was free to the needy. He organised several health camps to create awareness for homeopathy amongst common man and used to go to extra lengths to help doctors set up their own homeopathic clinics through the trust.

Carrying on his legacy, his family has shouldered the responsibility of carrying forward Dr. PN Jain’s vision of reaching out to maximum number of patients and treating diseases through the homeopathy medicines and so have been behind various missions to donate medicines in large scale to those in need.

Also, the trust works towards uplifting the educational standards in homeopathy by giving scholarships to those who believe in homeopathy and can make a difference in this field. A lot of students have benefited from the scholarships.

The trust is looking at growing its mission by touching more lives in the next few years and bringing a sustainable and positive impact in homeopathy